2024 ISPRS TC I Contest on
Intelligent Interpretation for Multi-modal Remote Sensing Application

To meet the increasingly urgent need for exploiting high-resolution earth observation data, the 2024 ISPRS TC I Contest aims to bring together researchers from both Earth Observation and Computer Vision communities to discuss cutting-edge methods on scene classification, semantic segmentation, change detection and so on, as well as their applications in the reality scene.

Challenge Tracks

Change Detection in High-resolution and Multi-temporal Optical Images

Discover the temporal changes of Region of Interest (ROI) based on the high-resolution and multi-temporal optical images.

Water Body Extraction from High-resolution and Multi-modal Optical Images

Accurate extraction of complex water surfaces in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs based on multi-resolution optical satellite images.

Classification of Multiscale Marine Phenomenon in SAR Images

Classify multiple typical marine atmospheric phenomena from SAR images, and determine their categories.

Forgery Detection in Multi-scenario Remote Sensing Images of Typical Objects

Classify real and fake images of different types from a large number of remote sensing images with typical objects.

Challenge Schedule

The Schedule Will Be Adjusted According to the Realistic Situation

Phase 1

Late-Jan. Registration opening. The maximum team size is 6.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Mid-Feb. Opening: release of training data for Phase 2. Download via team account.

Mid-Feb. Validation server with public leaderboard is open. For each track, there are three submission opportunities per week for each account in phase 2.

Mid-Apr. Technical reports should be submitted via team account (using specified template).

Phase 2

Phase 3

Offline Finals

Mid-May. The finalists will be invited to Changsha, China for the live finals.

Phase 3

2024 ISPRS TC I Contest Workshop

Mid-May. Awards ceremony and oral technical reports.

2024 ISPRS TC I Contest Workshop


Total Prize ¥60,000 RMB

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize