Registration and Accommodation

Registration: Please finish your registration online at the Symposium official website. Registration before February 28, 2024 will enjoy an early bird fee(10% off).

Accommodation: Participants will need to pay for their own accommodation. The conference secretary reserved hotels at all levels near the venue and the conference participants will receive the best available rates.


Registration Type Registration fee in RMB Registration fee in USD
Standard ¥3,800 $543
Standard(lunch included) ¥4,300 $615
Student/Senior ¥1,900 $272
Student/Senior(lunch included) ¥2,300 $329
-Academic tours(optional) ¥300 $43
-Tutorials(optional) ¥700 $100
Standard(online) ¥2,000 $286
Student/Senior(online) ¥1,000 $143

Please finish your registration online at the conference official website.

Participants will need to pay for their own accommodation. The Conference Secretary reserved hotels at all levels near the venue and the conference participants will enjoy favorable price.

Students, including B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD students, should provide a valid evidence of their student status (to be sent to registration email with a copy of the paid registration). Senior are considered participants over 65 years old.

Registration Process

Create an Account

You need to create your account first. Click “Create New Account” button below, then input your info. If you have done it, please login.

Complete Personal Info

Before the Registrition of the event, you need to complete your personal information first. Please go to your account center to do it.

Event Registration

Your info will transfer to the registration form and could not be edited. If anything changed, edit it on [Personal Information] first.

Upload the Payment Voucher

Please upload your bank transfer voucher, which can be a screenshot or a receipt, etc. after submitted the registration form. The status could be checked on your account center.

Quick Start Guide

This video help you understand how to create a new account, register the event and submit your paper.

Submit your paper via Conftool

According to the requirements of the organizer, all papers need to be submitted using Conftool. Please click the button above to enter the Conftool system. If you are using it for the first time, please register your account first and use the same personal information as when registering on this site. After registering and logging in, please follow the prompts on the Conftool interface.


Most frequent questions and answers

No. You can ONLY create ONE account and submit the registration form for your own. If you want to delete your account, please contact us via email. If we find the abuse behavier, your qualification might be cancelled.

Don’t worry, we have your record in our database. Every form you submitted could be linked to your account.

If you have not paid yet, please delete the form in your account center, and submit a new form. NOTE: You must delete the form first then submit a new.

If you have paid the bill, please contact us via email to get support.