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Bank Account

Please transfer the fee to the following account:
Account Name : Hunan Zhongtou Huaxin Conference and Exhibition Service CO. LTD
Account No. : 6067 6511 6859
Bank : Bank of China
Bank Address : Central South University sub-branch, Changsha, Hunan, China

Reason for transfer(JUST COPY IT): Changwu Dou, ISPRS2024-CHANGSHA, PID:2181, 15802553693

** Kindly provide your Participant ID, Participant name, Paper ID, Phone number, and etc. Please State clearly the Full Name of authors, the Purpose Of The Transfer and Paper ID in The Swift.

Alipay / WechatPay

If you choose this kind of payment, please follow the instructions below:

转账备注(请直接复制):Dou Changwu, ISPRS2024-CHANGSHA, PID:2181, 15802553693

**请注意:请务必提供[Participant ID],以便我们核对您的付款凭据。您的姓名、手机号码和[Participant ID]务必填写在转账备注中,否则我们可能将耗费更多时间甚至无法核实您的付款凭据。

Order Details

Standard(lunch included) - Conference PASS

The Total Amount: $4,305.00 CNY

Registration Date: 15/06/2024